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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Join the Media and Entertainment courses

Why You should Choose Media and Entertainment courses

The rapid growth of the media and entertainment industry is a global. The industry is aligned with arts, creativity and extensive visualization and the courses required to be a part of this industry include Animation filmmaking, Visual Effects and Digital and Motion graphics. This lucrative professional arena is progressing with unstoppable force, making the present time to be the best time to become a part of the global media and entertainment industry. Get ready for exciting Media and Entertainment career.

Growth Opportunities in Media and Entertainment Industry

In India, the media and entertainment industry alone provided employment to around 3.5-4 million people in the year 2017. By 2021, the industry market size was estimated to be between USD 26-28 billion in India. And according to the 2021 edition of CII Big Picture Summit’s Knowledge Report made in partnership with BCG, this sector is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9-11%, to reach the USD 55-70 billion mark over this decade (by 2030).

This growth promises exciting career scope for those joining the media and entertainment courses as validated by the CII and BCG report which estimates the animation and VFX market share in 2021 to have stood at USD 0.9-1.1 billion in India alone. The year 2021 also showed the gaming market size to be around USD 2-3 billion with the CGAR of the gaming market between 2019-2021 standing at 30%.

With so much going for this industry, here are 7 reasons why you too should join these top animation programs in the world:

  1. Growing demand and supply

    With the demand for professionals in the animation industry growing year-on-year, there are numerous job openings for skilled animation professionals at any given time. 

  2. Excellent Job prospects

    A growing demand for quality entertainment and gaming is opening doors for Visual effects professionals. Their applications are in advertising firms, graphics design firms, production houses, e-learning platforms, etc.

  3. India, an Emerging Hub

    An increasing global focus on the state-of-art studios, ease of communication and cost benefits of producing animation movies in India, has led to industry giants increasingly exploring India on a co-production basis.

  4. Emerging Career Alternatives

    The internet and associated technologies have thrown up new career opportunities. These include Blogging, Technical writers, YouTubers, Animators, Developers, Designers, etc.

  5. Employability in Diverse Roles

    The media and entertainment industry provides lucrative professional career options to 2D & 3D animators, visual effects artists, multimedia artists, graphics designers, web designers, post-production artists, etc.

  6. Give Life to your Fantasies

    This is the best career option for those with boundless imagination and creativity. You can give life to your imagination onscreen – and get paid for it too! 

  7. Job Satisfaction

    Being a rewarding and satisfying career, more youngsters are opting for the media and entertainment industry. And with more experience over the years, fat paychecks and job satisfaction are the best perks here!

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