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Advanced Visual Effects Courses

One of the most sought-after skills in the industry, Visual Effects artists are now high on demand much beyond the creative industry. Our Visual Effects course will equip you with the tools,  techniques and latest trends to carve out a dream career in this field.

    Overview : VFX Professional Course

    Enroll for our Visual Effects course @ join the VFX industry that plays a pivotal role in movies. The demand for trained professionals in Visual Effects is growing at a fast pace. At Toonz, our course will introduce you to industry-specific software like Nuke, Maya, Silhouette, PF Track, 3D Equalizer etc. Also get a Nuke certification from our authorized training center. The certification is offered by The Foundry, London.

    VFX-A Course Content

    Good knowledge in digital graphics, image processing and 2d compositing, file formats.

    In this first section, you will learn about working with the primitive object. You will also learn about the different components that make up those object.

    Rain-dripping, smoke and dust, sand particle and destruction of object through simulation in Maya.

    Bifrost Extension is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya. It provides a node-based framework for building custom effects, including smoke, fire, explosions, sand, snow, instances and more. You can preview the results directly in the viewpoint and render with Arnold for Maya.

    Maya fur create realistic, self-shadowing fur and short hair on multi-surface NURBS, polygonal and subdivision suffice models. Consider using the XGen interactive grooming brush based tools and modifiers to create style hair, fur and feathers for character.

    Arnold is the production quality render engine that is included with Maya. This will equip you to gain expertise in one of the most powerful and easy to use render engines on the market in Arnold.

    Good understanding of Rotoscoping techniques.

    Students will have an understanding of tracking footage.

    Good exposure to color Grading.

    Good understanding of wire removal and helps to clean the unwanted things in a footage.

    Students gain a good understanding of 3D Camera tracking. The 3D Camera Tracker effect analyses video sequences to extract camera motion and 3D scene data.

    Good knowledge in Chroma keying and compositing in the footage.

    How to do a set extension, prepare a shot for a set extension, and create 3D assets for the set extension.

    Matte painting is a technique to create a background by creating that is not present at the filming location.

    Students can understand how to integrate 3d objects in VFX.

    Creating CGI Compositing using passes.

    Working knowledge in Rotoscoping, Tracking, Motion blur.

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