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Toonz Academy has some of the most experienced and talented studio mentors in the country who help the young minds to ignite their creativity and excel in their careers.
One of Toonz’s senior-most techno-creative professionals, Devanand sets the technical specifications and benchmarks for our CGI productions; whether it is Asset Management, BG Modelling or Texturing, he ensures world class technical quality for our 3D projects. He has been working with Toonz for over 18 years, and has worked on almost all of our high-profile 3D and special effects projects.


Senior animator in the animation industry for 15 years. Working as animation team lead and mentoring the Toonz Academy students.


16 years of experience as faculty in the education industry. Experienced in Graphic design and Multimedia with meticulous knowledge in Adobe Software Suite.


Vinod is a traditional 2D animation instructor and has been working with Toonz Academy for the past 8 years as faculty. Vinod comes with over 16 years of animation experience.


Ramesh has 7+ years of experience in the animation industry and he has been working as a faculty with Toonz Academy since 2015. He specializes in Nuke and Silhouette.


Vijayalakshmi started as a 2D traditional animator 17 years back. She has experience as a digital painter, flash rigger, flash animator, 2D pre-production artist, harmony division team builder and supervisor. She is also a harmony rigger, asset manager, harmony trainer, and technical supervisor for all 2D projects. She has assisted all 2D directors, and was the show director for the project Abhimanyu.


Manjula started her animation career in 1998, and has been an integral part of Toonz Animation since its inception. She has been a show director for 2D projects since 2015, and also works as a 3D animation faculty for Toonz Academy.


Arun Bhagavathy has 17 years experience as 3D and VFX faculty in the education industry. He has been working in film & television industry for more than 3 years. He is an authorised NSDC 3D trainer.

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