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How to Become a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designing is best described as visual storytelling. The graphic designer uses a combination of words, images and graphics to communicate information or a story to engage the attention of a target audience. Sometimes also referred to as communication designers, they create posters, logos and visually appealing designs. Graphic designing forms an essential aspect of marketing and advertising to support a brand’s message.

With the greater use of technology in our daily lives, graphic designing is a popular career choice and has been garnering more attention recently. To become a graphic designer, you need to first learn about the basic principles of visual communication and graphic design. You will need to learn graphic design in an institute of repute, where you can also develop hands-on skills and an insight into the reigning graphic design industry. Here is how to kick-start your career in graphic designing:

Get Enrolled

To learn graphic design, there are a number of options available; you could go for a crash course that teaches the basics, a structured academic course with greater in-depth or you could opt for an online course. Basically, they all teach you to develop your skills and cover topics that include typography, colour layout and graphic design software and tools. Depending on the graphic design course you enroll in, you will also get introduced to mentors and peers who will become invaluable to your career path.

Principles of Graphic Design

To become a successful graphic designer, you need a solid understanding of the principles of graphic design. It involves careful crafting through in-depth planning and knowledge expertise of design theory and its application. Some of the elements you need to keep in mind are colours, shapes, lines, texture, typography, scale, dominance, harmony, etc.

Graphic Design Tools

Among the standard tools used by graphic designers, software such as Adobe Creative Suites are most commonly used. Some of the other commonly used tools graphic designers need for a majority of their work include InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator. There are other tools, guides and training resources that you will also need to work with to become a graphic designer.

Graphic Design Skills

Once you have become proficient in using the principles and tools, it’s time to develop your graphic design skills and work on your own design projects. To start off

on your journey, you can try creating new designs from a company’s current design.

Most premier institutions offering graphic design courses usually organize hand-on skill development for their students too.


You need a strong portfolio of completed projects as a graphic designer. To create a good impression on your employer/client, quality is always better than quantity. Showcase projects that highlight your design skills and strengths. If you are planning on becoming a graphic designer, why not enroll with Toonz Academy, Trivandrum, one of India’s top animation academies. We even offer 3 months free internship plus 100% placement assistance.

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