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Benefits of Learning Animation

Animation refers to giving life to images, pictures, or drawings by moving them in a sequential manner to create the illusion of movement. It’s a method of manipulating images to make them appear as if they are moving using computer-assisted animation or computer-generated animation.

Over the past decade or so, the world has made India one of the top destinations for outsourcing its animation needs. And with animation becoming applicable in almost every field and not just in media and entertainment, the demand for animation courses is on an all-time high too. Here’s a look at some of the benefits associated with learning animation:


Being good at self-expression is an essential component of becoming an animator. A certified course in animation will prepare you for the challenges involved in this field. Getting taught by highly-experienced faculty in a professional environment will further ensure that you learn all the tools of the trade and hone your skills. This will enable you to use self-expression as your signature on your projects. As it’s a reflection on your work, it’s always better to enroll in a professional institute for hands-on training.


Unlike other jobs, a career in animation gives you complete freedom of creativity, where the ball is always in your court. This is one field where there are no restrictions, no hard and fast rules, and no hurdles either. It’s all about exploring your imagination to its fullest extent and letting your creative side have free reign. The full authority for your product lies in your hands alone and you literally get paid for just using your imagination!

Upon completing the animation course, you would have been trained in utilizing the various tools needed to translate your imagination into work.


Animators are needed in almost every profession including the IT sector, digital marketing as well as in education at multiple levels, through the use of short videos. With numerous job opportunities for animators, it’s been estimated that 12% of all new jobs annually are for the animation sector alone. And with job opportunities increasing threefold in the last decade alone, there is plenty of scope in studying animation!

Knowledge spectrum

When you opt for a course in animation, you not only learn the technicalities and tools applicably, but you also get to learn about the full spectrum of this industry. For all-round training, you get hands-on practical training and a full knowledge spectrum of this field. Only a good institute can offer you such detailed knowledge.


The animation industry is one field where freelancing is also very viable. There are always ample short-term projects from advertisers, YouTubers, media houses, etc., to keep animators gainfully employed. With globalization and the world moving online, there are numerous work opportunities available that don’t need you to be physically present either.

For those interested, the Toonz Academy at Technopark, Trivandrum, is one of the country’s top animation academies and offers this course. Register now and watch your career take off!

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