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Virtual Production : A New Era of Movie Making

Virtual film production has been one of the most astounding innovations since the digital cameras took over traditional filmmaking. It has changed the production process forever and you don’t have to look far to see how virtual film production is transforming content creation for TV, film and streaming industries of late. 

Like all new developments, virtual film production has exploded in popularity, with the demand for qualified talent reaching new heights – while availability of skilled professionals remains low. For those interested, this is the best time to join animation film making course in India.

What is Virtual Film Production?

But first, a little bit about virtual film production or virtual production. It basically refers to the implementation of real-time graphics on the set. It involves the smooth integration of live footage with computer graphics to get real-time feedback from the digital camera. This helps the filmmaker make informed decisions about the implementation of visual effects and animation in real time. It could be in the form of shifting a virtual tree a little more to the side or changing the angle of digitally-created shadows, etc. With virtual film production technology, visual effects (VFX) are no longer applied post-production, but during the production process itself.

Transition to Real-Time Filmmaking

The popularity of virtual film production is partially fueled by filmmakers wanting to see the outcomes of visual effects in real-time, instead of having to wait for the traditional post-production stage when VFX is implemented. It’s also gaining acceptance as this technology enables the creation of realistic worlds with intricate details appreciated by the audience. 

Virtual film production relies on the implementation of VFX from the pre-production stage to the post-production stage and fully integrated during the filming process. Much of the technology used was taken from R&D originating from the gaming industry. An LED wall with a virtual environment is used as the background of physical props. As the camera moves, the environment image also move, creating the illusion of a real-time physical location.

This technology is now being seamlessly applied in creating realistic effects and environments with infinite details in film production. When implementing virtual film production, digital technologies such as camera tracking, high-power graphic cards and virtual and augmented realities are all integrated into the physical world such that what’s seen in-camera is what is presented to the audience too.

Virtual Production in VFX and Animation Film Making

With film production evolving from the physical to the digital, the use of animation and virtual effects is thriving in virtual film production. This has led to an incredible demand for animation film making specialists and virtual effects specialists. The best part is that with this burgeoning need growing on a global scale, the industry has more than enough career opportunities for both newcomers and veterans. 

And to the naysayers, virtual production isn’t a transient technology either and is applicable across the industry in ad productions, online gaming, TV content and film production. Thus, virtual film production offers excellent career opportunities to digital artists.

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