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The Growing Demand for Animation in Advertising & Other Commercial Industries

The animation landscape is evolving with the introduction of newer technologies and witnessing an insurgence of animation into the advertising arena. Global brands are now focused on creating commercial ads that increasingly make use of animation, VFX and motion graphics. Such animated ads are more effective in grabbing attention and standing out in the minds of consumers. Making use of animation for a product also enhances the brand’s image, making it look more edgy and interesting, especially to the millennial crowd.

Role of Animation in Advertising

  • Animation empowers you to capture the essence of your brand and convey exactly what you want the audience to appreciate about your product.
  • Getting your message across to the audience in a simplified manner through animation is relieving to the viewers, without making them feel overpowered.
  • Since animation usually engages the consumer with its creativity, it’s easier to get your marketing idea across, while entertaining the viewer as well.
  • Animation is generally associated with interesting cartoons, hence, its more effective in grabbing viewer engagement than the traditional form of advertising.
  • When using animation to advertise a product, short videos are usually sufficient to communicate your message, in a more creative and memorable way.
  • Animation plays a more effective role in advertising as it helps you communicate better with the viewer. Instead of reading text about a product, they would rather watch an animated video or infographics.
  • By integrating animation into advertising, you don’t have to stick to realistic themes, but can go all out and create fanciful ways to capture the consumers attention for longer time frames. 
  • Sometimes a unique animated character can be used to sell a brand. They can be more appealing than a person trying to sell a product (an example is the all-white, ZooZoo animated characters used by telecom giant Vodafone in 2009)

Benefits of Integrating Animation into Advertising


Creating animated videos is definitely cheaper than creating traditional advertisements where actors, costumes, support staff, expensive filming equipment and a studio might be required. Such live action filming can get even more expensive, with production costs shooting if there are any errors. Compared to all this, animated advert videos only require a few animators and some voiceover artists to create high-quality end-products. This is probably also why more businesses are opting for animation in advertising.


It’s possible to create an entire animated advert without the animators ever having to step away from their screen. With access to so many apps and software, it’s easy for qualified animation artists to let their passions rule and create increasingly more diverse virtual worlds to advertise end-products. The best part is that it takes significantly less time to produce an animated video clip than to create a traditional live action clip – as less people, props and physical spaces are involved. All this has created a greater need for animation artists, making this the best time to learn more about animation courses.


Getting the message across to the consumer about a product can sometimes get complicated. While reading about it might not appeal to all consumers, watching animated infographics is definitely more engaging. This way, complex content can be simplified using animation, and retained for longer in the viewer’s mind. This can become relevant in the educational, scientific and service sectors, etc. – whether you are trying to sell, explain or train people.

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