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Animation in Gaming and Transforming the Future of the Animation Industry

Technology is growing at a rapid rate and there is literally no sphere of human activity left which hasn’t been revolutionized by increasingly more efficient technologies. Animation is a part of these transforming technologies, with the market for animated movies and games breaking the ceiling year-on-year. Some of the developments aiding the transformation of the animation industry include the following:

Envisioning the Future of Animation Industry


Consumers are increasingly craving higher levels of realism in animated movies, cartoons, educational videos, online content, commercials and video games, and technological advances are further helping in unlocking the future of the animation industry. 3D animation is increasingly being used to create 3D environments, objects and people that interact virtually in a more realistic manner, thus creating a more immersive gaming experience.

Motion Capture Technology

One of the more recent technologies to be introduced across many industries including gaming animation is mocap animation which allows a more accurate and organic representation of human or animal movement – for more realistic experiences in gaming. Motion capture is now a vital part of the video game production pipeline and is often referred to as hybrid animation as it combines both motion capture and keyframe animation.

Augmented Reality

Instead of wearing a device, you can experience augmented Reality via your smartphone or smart glasses. Here, AR adds digital elements to what you see in the real world. For those who are fascinated by VR and AR application, animation courses are a great way to learn more about them.

Virtual Reality

Until recently, animation was a one-way visual experience. The implementation of Virtual Reality however makes it a more immersive journey as this technology helps create an animated virtual world where you can move around and participate in activities, take tours or attend concerts. All this can be accessed by wearing the VR headgear.


Animation is irrevocably associated with the metaverse, which is a network of 3D digital universes. They provide a popular platform for playing virtual games where players can also earn money while playing. The metaverse provides an open and fair economy that empowers players of blockchain games via the NFTs.


The money earned can be in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which can be traded in or exchanged in the metaverse for assets – similar to the way physical money or cryptocurrency is exchanged to buy assets in the real world. NFTs are unique digital assets that have unique digital signatures and cannot be replicated or stolen, as they exist on a blockchain network.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is essentially a ledger system that enables the efficient recording of transactions and tracking of assets. While the significance of blockchain technology in animation isn’t apparent immediately, recent research has shown its relevance as a gamechanger when it comes to the work done by design professionals. Blockchain technology basically democratizes the animation design process, thus making the course of sharing information more efficient. It also helps simplify the lengthy and complex animation process.

Artificial Intelligence

Animation is a tedious time-consuming process and most aspects of it were achieved manually till recently. But now, Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly applied to complete even the minutest tasks in an accurate and automated manner. There is no more need for the painstaking repetitive tasks that are now completed within minutes with AI.

These technological advances are a boon to visual effects artists, animators and graphics designers. They not only make the work easier, but more exciting too, as more can be achieved with their application. For those planning on taking up animation, VFX or digital graphics & motion graphics as a profession, you can be sure of a secure and rewarding career. 

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