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Emerging Trends in Films, Videos and games – Fueled by Evolving VFX, AR and VR Technologies

An increasingly tech-aware global population is no longer content to just sit back and empathize with a movie’s narrative. There is a growing demand for engaging visual effects (VFX), realistic animation and high-definition visual experiences to spice things up. The global media and entertainment industry is accordingly going that extra mile by providing consumers with more immersive content in the form of animation and VFX shots being included into the videos, movies and games production.

Filmmakers are increasingly exploring the application of AR/VR technology to enhance captivating viewership. While the audience is just a spectator in conventional 2D and 3D movies, the AR/VR-applied movies tend to make the audience a participant. Some would even call it being disruptive as it gives the audience freedom from the theater screen or monitor, to where the audience’s every move will lead to an interactive effect!

While this is a boost in the arm for animators and VFX specialists as it also means greater job opportunities, here’s a little clarity on the animation technology being applied first:

What’s AR and VR?

AR (Augmented Reality) refers to technology that adds digital elements to change visual perception in the physical world. VR (Virtual Reality) on the other hand refers to the addition of digital elements into a virtual world. Examples of AR include Snapchat while examples of VR include headsets such as Google cardboard. And VFX refers to special effects or enhanced imagery added to live-action footage to make it look more realistic.

Advantages of AR and VR in Film Production

VR technology application allows for film production in virtual realities, where the viewer enjoys greater freedom in watching movies through a VR headset lens. This is a disruptive technology that has changed the face of movie-watching forever.

Evolution of AR, VR and VFX Trends

  • Emerging trends in VFX, AR and VR technologies are changing the creation and consumption of movies, videos and games.
  • AR and VR technologies are expected to drive the demand for new animation content.
  • A combination of live-action shots and animation is driving the change in content of movie animation.
  • Evolving media consumption habits are moving away from the TV to streaming and digital downloads.
  • Short-form content that can be churned out cheaply and faster are the new favorites.
  • A hybrid form of 2D/3D animation along with live action is becoming the new norm, creating a greater need for animation experts.

The emerging new norm of animated movie production and marketing around the world has spiked the need for more trained animators and VFX specialists. Almost every material being created these days has some animated element to it.

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