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Latest Trends in Animation

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses and fields of industries are waking up again to a new world with whole new perceptions to life. The year 2022 is also witnessing the fast evolution of animation and motion graphics, especially as a powerful tool for advertising. Taking technology trends and global designs into cognizance, animation is presenting a whole new way of marketing and advertising in the popular digital space.

Animation and motion graphics is influencing every type of industry, even the traditional ones, to opt for inspirational animation promotional videos. Similar to the trends in 2021, 2022 is also leaning towards minimalism, with retro undertones when it comes to the color palette. Inspiration is being drawn from the history of animation and blended with newer technologies. Here’s a look at some of the exciting new animation trends in 2022:

Slim Lines

Lines can be used to perform many functions including defining shapes, creating direction and even dictating moods. This year, artists are using super-thin lines to mimic hand-drawn pictures to add a unique style to videos. This type of linear art has become a favorite trend.

Limited Color Palette

Telling a story with only a few colors has become a raging digital illustration trend in 2022. Inspiring retro nostalgia, animation with a limited color spectra can tell a visual story in a more brilliant and outstanding way. It’s challenging to reveal the mood and character of the story this way, but those trained in the top animation schools in India will definitely be a pro at this!

A Blend of 2D and 3D

A scintillating mix of 2D and 3D is trending in videos in 2022, with customers enjoying this emerging new style. It is being used effectively in small-scale digital ads as well as big-budget video adverts. Enroll in some of the best 3D animation courses in India at Toonz academy and become an expert at this!

Animated Logos

To create unforgettable brand identities, businesses are increasingly incorporating animated logos. This brilliant concept of breathing life into static logos makes the brand appear more innovative, attractive and dynamic-looking to their customers. Learn how to get creative at Toonz Academy which offers some of the best online animation courses in India.

Creative Typography

It’s easy for readability to go down when experimenting with fonts and typefaces, however, animators have taken up the challenge and are successfully creating great results. Animated videos with kinetic typography are grabbing the attention of viewers, making such videos more attractive and memorable as brand adverts.

Animation Goes Vertical

Vertical animation has become a significant motion graphics trend with smartphone users, especially on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Vertical animated video ads have become the rage with a majority of people who watch media vertically on their smartphones.


Morphing or changing shape into another seamlessly, is gaining more momentum for use with logos, images, characters and other objects in motion pictures and animation videos. It grabs visual attention and makes the viewer watch till the end. It’s useful in website animation and search engine optimization as Google promotes such sites.

Going Grainy

Graining is a great tool to create authentic-looking visuals, breathing life into illustrations. Such visuals look more natural and brand animation videos with grainy effects stand out for delivering eye-catching visuals that look more grounded and authentic. Train with Toonz Academy, one of the top animation schools in India and learn to create such visuals!

Hybrid Trends

Another interesting trend this year is creating videos with hybrid techniques which combine 3D elements with 2D animation and live motion videos. Seamless combinations of different art mediums can be great fun. Learn  3D animation courses in India and become the best at what you do!

Calm Self-drawing Lines

Animation trends in 2022 cater to all types of palates. Animation videos with self-drawing lines are very calming and can be used to form logos, words, figures and other concepts in clear, well-defined ways. They are ideal for presentations (business or educational), explainer videos or new products.

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