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Career Opportunities in the Animation Industry

The rapidly expanding field of animation has endless scope for those who love creating artistic magic. And just to be clear, animation shouldn’t be confused with cartoons, as animation is more about breathing life into inanimate caricatures, through the use of modern computer-based sequencing techniques.

Careers in animation can get especially rewarding if you have artistic leanings and are proficient in utilizing animation software and tools. And for those interested in animation as a career, it does help if you know a little more about popular animation courses worth pursuing. Professionals from the field of animation can easily find work in the entertainment and advertising industries. Here is a stepwise look at how you can go about pursing your quest for a career in animation:

Basic Requirements

An artistic leaning and an aptitude for drawing and sketching along with a keen interest in computer usage are considered necessary for joining any animation course. While graduate courses in animation are still not very popular in India, you could start off your career in animation with a bachelors’ degree in fine arts.

After that you can join any one of the best animation diploma courses in India which can be from 6 months to one and a half year. The eligibility criterion for these diploma courses is a class 12 aggregate of 45% or more.

Requirements for a Good Animator

The most important requirement for chalking out a career in animation however is deep passion for creativity and oodles of imagination. An in-depth grasp of nuances of human/animal expressions and movements, visual mastery and a flair for using colors are some of the other skills that you should be good at. Animation is a multi-tasking field where you need to be patient, hard-working and skilled at communication. If these core competencies are doable by you, then animation is the career for you!

Career Prospects

This is the best time for the animation industry as it has developed a strong hold over TV content, movies, gaming and advertising. As the entertainment, education (e-learning) and gaming industry is increasingly becoming dependent on special effects, a career in animation offers concrete and lucrative prospects, not just locally, but globally too. Moreso if you graduate from Toonz Academy, the best animation academy in India.

Some of the popular animation careers available in the industry include:

  • Graphics artists
  • Animators
  • 3D artists
  • 3D animators
  • 3D creative designers
  • 3D modelers
  • Video game designers
  • Technical directors
  • Art directors
  • Lighting technicians, etc.

While some of these options might require a little experience to get there, they do offer excellent renumeration and opportunities to work as a freelancer down the lane. After attending an animation course, you will have a better idea on where to specialize.

Market Demand

Being among the top career options these days, job opportunities in animation are on the rise, however, the demand far exceeds the supply as over 30,000 new opportunities become available every year. Interestingly, the animation industry which once dominated the West, is now being increasingly outsourced to India, making it the new hub for animation opportunities. The reasons why India makes an excellent outsourcing choice are its solid foundation of communication in the English language, a skilled talent pool, availability of state-of-the-art studios and of course, the cost benefits. Big names who are into animation are now looking at India to make movies on co-production basis, affording international recognition of Indian animators.

This offers excellent job opportunities for graduates from the best animation academies in India such as the award-winning Toonz Academy. Offering some of the best animation courses in India including Animation film making, Visual effects and Digital graphics & motion graphics and 3D specialization, Toonz Academy not only offers you live studio internships but assists in job placements too!

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