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The Academy has a talent pool of experienced faculty sourced from different parts of the world. They bring unique advantage to our students in imparting world-class production and animation experience. A note worthy fact is that professionals across the world have always lent us a guiding hand in our journey, especially in devising the training methods and designing the curriculum. We also ensure that these eminent professionals visit our academy on a periodical basis to ensure consistency in training.

The in-house training is supplemented by seminars and workshops by leading experts in the industry. At Toonz Academy the emphasis is on experiencing and learning. The class hours are translated to live work in our studios during the time of placement. We also organize unique learning experiences like Animation acting classes, Theatre workshops, Clay modelling classes, Zoo study etc.

Media & Enertainment Skills Council - Centre of Excellence

MESC - Toonz Academy
MESC - Toonz Academy
MESC - Toonz Academy
MESC - Toonz Academy