Passion and self-determination are what made 14 year old Deepak, a ninth grader, to become an animation artist. To encourage Deepak's passion towards drawing and painting, his parents made him attend an animation seminar conducted by Toonz Academy at Kannur. This seminar inspired him to undertake a journey of 500 kilometres from Kannur to Toonz Studio at Trivandrum. Here he watched the making of animation movies by Toonz' artists and was instantly drawn into the fascinating world of animation.

An excited Deepak wanted to study animation immediately and approached Toonz Academy. Toonz was delighted to welcome Deepak in to its fold, however he was asked to complete his high school education before joining Toonz Academy.

But the young artist simply couldn't wait. His passion kindled, he began studying animation all by himself. Armed with a reading of animation survival kit and with the help of the World Wide Web, he created an 18 minute Animation video "Rabbit and Tortoise New Gen Race". His father submitted this video to Chiyoko Children & Youth Animation film festival, 2015 and needless to say, Deepak won the first prize!

Impressed by Deepak's incredible journey, Toonz Academy organized a function on December 21, 2015 in its premises to felicitate him on his remarkable achievement, which was well received by the students and staff alike. He has been offered the opportunity to join Toonz as soon as he completes his studies.

To top this, the Hon. President of India presented the National Child Award for exceptional achievement, 2016 for his excellence in field of art at Rashtrapathi Bhavan on Children's day, November 14, 2016.

We wish young Deepak to all success in his endeavours!