How to choose the right career?

A successful career is said to be the foundation on which we build our dreams and aspirations. Hence, selecting the right career carries bonafide significance.

Choosing the right career path is the most important decision that we make in our life & in fact the rest of our life depends on it. Selecting the path to success depends on your answers to the following steps.

Step 1 : Know your skills and talents
Every person is blessed with something that they may know or yet to discover. Realizing what makes you unique is the first step.

Step 2 : Sort your areas of interest to work
Relax and think for a while – 
Animation Film Making or Engineering or Management or Game Development or Graphic Designing or Visual Effects?What makes you happy? What makes you satisfied? What you like to do and what you don’t like to do.

Step 3 : Decide where to work - India or Abroad
Consider the possibilities and think ahead of time. Picture yourself in all of the possible scenarios and how life will be in each one of them.

Step 4 : Compare different career options
Do a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) for all the career paths that you have in mind to find out what are the gains and the losses if any.

Step 5 : Find courses & its opportunities
By this step, you must have a clear idea about what is what and what is not. So, now it’s time to decide what you have to choose to learn and consider the
courses that provide more job opportunities.

Step 6 : Choose good institutions to study
When you have decided on all the above, it’s time to select how are you going to reach that destination you have in mind. The institution which you select is like a vehicle that takes you to the destination. It can be an airplane, a train, bus or a rickshaw depending on the quality of that institution.

Step 7 : Attend job interviews confidently
What you study and how well you study is the one thing that boosts confidence to face the challenges on any interview.

Step 8 : Prove your skills on interview
If you are confident regarding your knowledge then interviews are like just a piece of cake.

Step 9 : Get the order of appointment

When you get that nice and neat piece of paper on your hands, you will know that it all paid off just because you made a right decision .

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