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Till date, Toonz Academy has enjoyed an enviable placement record of more than 98

Toonz gave me this great opportunity to get introduced to the field of animation and learn the tools and tricks of the trade. It was a good starting point for me as a student. Animation is a really vast field which needs strong fundamental knowledge to begin with and that's just what I got.

toonz Animation
Jean Philip Lead Lighting Technical Director
Rhythm & Hues Studios India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

I would like to thank the management for providing me an opportunity to learn the subject in depth and improving my skills.I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. There was no communication gap between the student and the faculty and the standard of course is really good.

toonz Animation
Bindu Shree N Graphic Designer

I spent a lot of time researching Toonz Animation Academy before I got started. TAA was exactly what I needed as a student getting ready to dive into this competitive industry. I really felt a crazy level of excitement and support when I was in this program ! I learned from mentors who are well expertise in this industry. TAA was great when I was a student, and I'm so happy to see that it gets better every year. Thanks to all my mentors and all the pros who took the time to give me advice on TAA, I am now a working professional in the industry.

toonz Animation
Vineeth Nair S Lead Animator
TATA Interactive Systems.

For me, from the first day, Toonz Academy felt like the best place to start my journey into animation. The atmosphere was fun and exciting, and what made it even more fun was that we shared our ideas and thoughts with many like minded people. It was surprising, the number of people who came from different backgrounds, who took up animation. One week in and I knew why...

K.K.Uday Shankar Producer
Toonz Animation India

Getting an opportunity to learn from the academy and then to further continue my journey into the studio was big. Very big for me, indeed..!!

toonz Animation
Shinoj M G
Toonz Animation India

Toonz has various advantage over other Institute. The course is well-structured. Teachers are well experienced and friendly. Students are exposed to production environment. Various workshop are conducted by difference creative artist and mentors. Also gets an opportunity to be part of International events like Animation Master Summit. Apart from academy, internship is also provided in various fields. Currently I am working in Toonz Animation as Assistant Director-Trainee and I feel proud to be a part of Toonz Family.

toonz Animation
Shruti S M Assistant Director-Trainee
Toonz Animation India

I was always been interested in drawing and painting spend hours being observed. I did my B.Sc in Visual Media. Dis Internship in Mudra, Pop corn Media. So I was in Graphic Designing doing my freelancing for companies like Research Pedia and mitraniketan. Then I have seen as advertisement of Toonz Animation. I was very fond of animated series. So I thought of doing Animation film making course in Toonz Animation. Here in Toonz you have great mentors, very inspiring teachers. You will be coming up with so much skill set. You have a wonderful opportunity of doing Internship over here with the production level. Then I got placed over here. My training period was so knowledge oriented. Here I have enjoyed working with my Team and developing as a professional. It has been truly a pleasure working for Toonz and perfecting of skill set. It’s a very good learning ground and with a great career opportunity.

toonz Animation
Piyusha Nair Junior Texturing Artist
Toonz Animation India